Animal Squad

Turn based 1v1 multiplayer strategy action that will test your tactical finesse! Use your five animals and try to combine their unqiue abilities into powerfull combos to gain the upperhand on the battlefield. Win your fights by carefully managing positioning, objectives and healthpoints. Animal Squad was made as part of my end project at SAE Vienna in about 6 month. The team was 3 programmers and 3 artists strong. I was the Project Leader and coordinated meetings and development targets. I worked on every system at least once but primarly focused on Networking (via GameSparks Services), Hexagon Grid System and Player Gameplay code. The hardest challenges were the networking of the game (ensuring server and client where in sync) and programming the units in a modular way to allow for great variety in gameplay. Download

Ultimate Parkour Challenge

Run, Jump, Long Jump, High Jump, Slide, Dash, Swing, Wall Run and Wall Dash your way to the goal. Take advantage of an expressive moveset that allows for multiple approaches. You will have to chain together different moves all while trying to dodge all types of obstacles along the way. From concept to finish me and a second programmer spend about 3 months working on this prototype. I mostly worked on the character controller and spend a lot of my time trying to get the different moves to feel right. This project allowed me to solidify my linear algebra skills because as I discovered while working on this building a character controller involves lots of vector math. I wrote a little post mortem about this prototype which you can read here! Download