Kitten Smack

Kitten Smack is a rhythmic sidescroller set in a surreal world. You have to save little a kitten by soundblasting it forward or if you are evil, smacking it forward but be carefull there are dangerous creatures looming around the corner that love to eat tasty little kittens. Made for Geek GameJam 2018 in 48 hours. The task was to make a game that features the sound library of the PRES (Polish Experimental Radio Station). I had the pleasure to team up with an artist, sound designer and a game designer. This was the first time I worked with an game designer and I could focus only on the programming part. By far the best GameJam experience for me until now. Download

Scrap Race

Racing game where you are only able to break instead of accelerate. Drive down the junk yard track and try to dodge obstacles all while keeping an eye on the constant increasing speed of your shopping cart. Keep the speed in a sweet spot where you are simultaneosly fast enough to take the big air jumps and also slow enough to be able to dodge hazards and collect new crowbars to be able to brake and steer your shopping cart towards the finish line. Made for Game Makers Toolkit GameJam 2018 in 48 hours. The theme was Genre without Mechanics. Me, a second programmer and only one artist (credit to him for making so much stuff) tried to make a racing game with a twist. I am pretty happy with the feeling of speed you get while playing. The most interesting stuff to work on where the jumps which are completly faked with the help of bezier curves, this allows for consistent fail and sucess landing spots! Download

Beat Piston

A rythm infinite runner. Tap in sync with the beat while also switching gears at the right time. Keep the rythm and dodge obstacles and you will survive till the end! If you miss beats or crash into obstacles your health will lower until you run out of health and fail! Made for Global GameJam 2017 in 48 hours. Our team consisted of 2 programmers, a sound designer and 2 artists. The game is based loosely on the jams theme Transmission. We tried to convey the feeling of what switching gears could feel like inside an engine. I worked on everything except syncinc the beat with gameplay which proved to be very hard to get right within the constraints of the jam. Download

Die in the UI

AnimalSquad Minigame challenges that have to be beaten without loosing all lives. Are you ready for madness? Trying to beat this game will prove a challenge thats for sure. Simple tasks like plugging in a USB Stick, typing a word or pressing a button where never that hard. Made for Reversed Festivale GameJam 2017 in 72 hours. This was by far the most chaotic jam I have ever been part of. Our team consisted of 8 people which was an absolute nightmare. Trying to steer the ship towards an unified creative goal was impossible. Also keeping everyone busy with work took away a lot of my time. I learned a lot about group dynamics and how the amount of content isn't realy critical for a jam. Download

The Beat Down

AnimalSquad Shoot your way out of trouble and minimize the mafia bosse's galactic army as dual wielding police space ranger. Use your booster and keep on collecting the spawning power ups to hold out for 5 minutes and survive the onslaught of mafia henchman. Made for BeansJam 2017 in 48 hours. The theme was Space Mafia. My first GameJam ever! Also the first time I worked in a group on a game. After only 3 months of experience making games we decided to jump into the cold water and just make something. Pretty happy with the results considering the circumstances. Also I learned that the goal survive for 5 minutes isn't that engaging for players. Download