Failing our way towards an UI

Failing our way towards an UI

Published by Kienauer Rene


As part of my games programming education at SAE Vienna we where tasked to develop a game prototype in about 3 months. I had help from one of my colleague and friend Lukas Schuetzenhofer who was the second programmer on this project. The last week before submission we got some support from two audio designers who made some sound effects and a dynamic theme with the help of FMOD. We also got some feedback from Game Designer Alexander Grenus who provided us with his knowledge on game design. Originally we planed to have an animator on the team who would make the needed animations but sadly he was not available so we used free animations provided by Mixamo. Because this was not my first project we wanted do something quite ambitious.


At the time I was watching a lot of Super Mario 64 Speedruns and was completly amazed how much depth the game had in a proficient enough players hands. So the inital idea was to do a third person jump and run with an expresive move set that players could use to chain move after move.