About Me

Hello there, my name is Rene Kienauer and I love making games. Since I can remember I have always been playing and talking about games. Even though I wanted to be a game progammer since I was 10 I did not really pursue this dream until much later in life. Now I have found my calling and can't stop thinking about programming and designing them!

When I am not dreaming up solutions for problems (programming) or dreaming up problems to solve (game design) then I am mostly consuming all kinds of media I can get my hands on like movies, games, books, livestreams and videos. Sometimes even you can find me on the outdoors reaching the top of an mountain or going for a run. I also enjoy politics, psychology, boats and the occasional party.


I love the feeling of figuring out solutions to problems and then see them work in reality. I mainly work with C# inside Unity and in my spare time I like to tinker around with C++ trying to learn Game Engine Development from the ground up. I value the readability and simplicity as the top criteria when writing code but I am also deeply interested in performance, trying to write the fastests possible solution (see my Data Oriented Article on the Blog).


Object Oriented, Data Oriented, Gameplay, Design Patterns, Game Engine Architecture, Basic Graphics Programming (OpenGL), Git, SVN


Since my electrical engineering days I have been a fan of solving math problems. I dont think I am very good at it but nevertheless I will keep on trying.


Vector Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Transformations


In the last two years I learned the ins and outs of game development with the Unity Engine. After two years of using the engine daily I am confident to say that I am very comfortable with everything Unity related and I am able to build any kind of game I want inside the engine.

Game Design

I fell in love with game design at the SAE Institute just because no one else would do it for you. Slowly I failed my way upward, project per project. There is something very fascinating about having an initial idea and then iterating on it until someone has fun playing it. SAE Institute allowed me to do severall protoypes, game jams and even one physical card game game which all were a massive learning experience!